Kindergarten and Below

Music for Moppets (First Course)

Music for Moppets will create a solid musical foundation for your child. This class blends piano, movement, singing and drama to make music-making fun! Children learn to play simple songs on the piano as they work to develop rhythm and finger coordination. Parents will see their child master keyboard geography and basic musical concepts that prepare them to read music. Creativity and confidence are also developed by creating their own songs.

At home “piano play” is encouraged, but no formal practice is required. Classes last 45-minutes. Class size limited to six students.

Rhythm and Rhymes (Second Course)

Rhythm and Rhymes continues to foster a solid understanding of music in a friendly atmosphere. Students work on piano technique and ear training in addition to continued mastery of rhythm, basic musical concepts and improvisation. Students will learn to read notes on the staff and have the opportunity to learn solos.  Music for Moppets should be completed prior to enrolling in Rhythm and Rhymes.

Frequent piano sharing time is encouraged at home to instill good practice habits. Classes last 45-minutes. Class size limited to six students.

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